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400 Bad Request

8158721 5 years ago in Website updated by soldiWizard 4 years ago 14

My PC is running Windows 10, and when accessing SA content, I keep getting the 400 Bad Request error message.  I can clear the temporary internet files, etc.  It works for a while then comes back.  Any information to clear this fault, would be appreciated.

Under review


If you could please send along the URLs you are getting the 400 messages on, we'll investigate.


I have the same problem. No problem on Chrome, but continual on IE. I also cannot log in on IE>

Cannot go to that address. When I type it in, I get the 400 Bad Request page.

Uninstalling the app, and reinstalling the app seems to have worked for me.  iphone SE with latest IOS and latest SA app

I have this issue too!

Gray67, are you having the issue on the site or an app?

Apparently you did an update this weekend   I received a notification over this weekend that your site was "unavailable" so you could "improve" the site.

Same issue on my desktop for the past 2 days.

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium and Chrome browser.

I can clear the Cookies and be able to click on, maybe, a couple of email links and have them work, then it goes right back to the 

400 Bad Request

Request Header Or Cookie Too Large


ditto here as well. running Chorme on windows 10

only happens when linking from email notice

happens to me on my iPhone all the time. I like SA but it’s the worst apple app I’ve ever used.

I think I should just quit commenting.