Define terms used before using initials of those terms

anonymous 3 years ago in Android App updated by hal_9000 3 years ago 3

Please have your writers define terms before just using the initials.  I just tried to resd an article on CEFs with no clue what the writer was writing about.  

It is even worse. I bought a dictionary of financial terms with 900 pages and many abbreviations are not in it.

Concur.  A glossary would be most helpful, even if only for the myriad acronyms thrown out there by a number of authors.  An interim step might be to require authors to define the acronym at it's first use in an article. Example:  Value at Risk (VaR).  Ultimately though, a glossary of common and not-so-common terms would be a great help and resource.  It would also cut down on the number of incorrect or just plain made up acronyms as well.  If it's good enough, it might even attract new users to the website.  Thanks for listening.