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Is there any way to speak to customer service on phone?

davidyarosh 2 years ago updated by NGogol 4 weeks ago 7
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Hello David,

I believe that one of the benefits of being a Premium Subscriber, (such as yourself), you have access to phone support. 

If you go to our Home Page by clicking on the Seeking Alpha Logo in the header, you will be able to click on Help & Support in the top right hand side of the screen. If you then click on "Contact Support" there is a phone number at the top of the contact box, that Premium Subscribers are able to call for assistance.

Best regards,

Trevor Heal

VP of Business Operations

Seeking Alpha 

This only works if you can get into the premium side.

Please remove me from all subscription emails. E-mails are not relevant to me. Thanks!

My name is Barry Singleton.  I have been trying for 48 hours to sign up to your Premium account in your Summer Sale.  Unfortunately your website has greyed out that part of the page that contains the icon to sign up and to pay.  How can I sign up?

I paid for premium but cannot sign on. So how do call them when the phone number is only available to those that can sign in. Help!

You charged my account for service I did not request. lindastowe@hotmail.com; please remove the charge

They don't answer either the (347) 509-6837 number for customer support on their website or the (646) 568-7592 number that shows up on my American Express statement.  Hmmm....and you can't cancel.  they just keep automatically renewing.  I tried to cancel last year and couldn't until this year.  Now they "automatically renewed" again.  Has anybody been successful in getting them to quit billing their credit card?