I can’t get in since an apparent update, can’t virw my premium servives for same reason. Can’t reset password w/o password! The reset doesn’t work w/o password so I can’t reset my password which works on my iPhone & iPad app w/no trouble but won’t poplulate info. on gmail saying need to have SA app which I do.  Let me know if you get help please you aren’t alone, folsch64@gmail.com, thanks.

Hi folsch64,

If you forgot your password, just go here and enter your email to reset: https://seekingalpha.com/account/forgot_password

Under review


Is there a reason you keep signing out of Seeking Alpha? After signing in, you should remain signed in and not need to do it again when you want to read another article.

let me try to explain more clearly whats been happening.  when im done using my laptop at any given point i close out all tabs and sign out of my email. when i then go in to my email at a later time and click on the link to a seeking alpha article it takes me to the sa site but i have to manually put in my email and password to read the article other wise i get blocked , where as it used to be that by clicking on the link it automatically signed me in to sa. i noticed now that the old emails used to say on the bottom please do not share as it gives access etc. and now the emails say that i can share as it doesnt give access, not sure why that changed, i have no issue once i manually sign in and i DID NOT forget my password to sa. but very frustrating, any help is appreciated thanks

Hi guys,

It appears you are cleaning you cookies each time you close your browser - which causes Seeking Alpha (as well as other sites) to log you out. Once you are logged out, we protect your security by requiring a new login. If you want to remain logged into Seeking Alpha, it's important to add seekingalpha.com as an exception to clearing your cookies at the end of your browser session, or you will continue getting automatically logged out. 

Please let me know if I have this wrong somehow - we'd love to help you get to the bottom of this issue. All the best,

please read my post again as you are not understanding the issue clearly. I am clicking on the article from my email. so regardless of signing out the link should sign me right back in. regardless of which this had not been happening with sa until recently. thanks