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Where Did The Analysis Tab Go? Please return ir t asap!

arabella04 1 year ago updated by David Jackson 1 year ago 3

yes ,totally agree ,otherwise hard to find specific articles about CEF's

Yes, please bring back the analysis tab.  It did provided an excellent navigation tool on market-related articles as well as more specifics: CEFs, ETFs, Mutual funds, Retirement/investment strategy, portfolio design/management... all in one place.


Under review

Thanks for this feedback! 

Most of the items from the Analysis hover-over menu have been moved to other hover-over menus: 

Articles about CEFs are in the Stock Ideas menu. (We're thinking of moving this to the ETFs menu.) 

Articles about ETFs are now in the ETFs hover-over menu.

Articles about Retirement are now in the Dividends hover-over menu.

Articles about Investment Strategy are in the Investing Strategy hover-over.

You can find any item in the site map, which you can reach by clicking on the See All Sections link in the Latest News menu, or by bookmarking this page directly: https://seekingalpha.com/sitemap