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new blog format won't allow me past "disclosure"

Chas_W 4 years ago in Website updated 4 years ago 7

I have entered all the info for disclosure, but can't get past it. Unable to submit blog entry

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Which disclosure option are you selecting? What message do you see?

1.selecting "no disclosure" and adding some comments in the bottom section.

2. no message, but won't move to the next section

attempting to submit another BLOG post. I notice when I click on "write a blog post" I am taken to the write an article template.  When I attempt o manage the prior offending blog post I must click on "manage articles" only to rcv the msg "you have no articles , then to click on blogs/stocktalk to get to my prior blogs.

No apparent path to Blogs?


When clicking "Write a Blog Post" you are brought to the correct place- the area where you can compose a new blog post (it uses the same interface as the article composer).

If you want to access or edit existing blog posts, simply go to "Blog Posts" under "Manage Articles":

Then the problem still exists, I am unable to get past the disclosure section.


I've reproduced the problem for the tech team. They will work on fixing it. In the meantime, for now, you can get past the disclosure page if you are able to leave the text box empty.



Also Unable to add a fourth Bullet point