Only one comment visible on "Advanced Micro Devices: Up, Up And Away" article. Please fix.

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Only one comment is visible even though as I write this bug report there are 55 comments for the article according to info provided under the article on the "Latest" headlines for AMD. Is everyone seeing the same problem or is this a regional phenomenon based on which particular server I'm getting the article from?  This bug is limited to this article only.

I put two comments on the article but they don't show up. I only see those comments listed under my profile for all comments I've ever made, but not in the article. 

Someone needs to fix this. 

To be clear, the only comment I see on the Up, up, and Away..." article is from:


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14 Jul 2017, 10:02 PM

The problem seems to have fixed itself. 

One of my comments asked if anyone else had the same experience. Today, after the comments became visible, there were 2 likes. So obviously a few folks saw the glitch. But from the general discussion on the thread apparently many people had no issue. The bug was not widespread. 

Maybe it was a data synchronization snafu between servers. Only those getting page views from out of sync servers experienced the problem.