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Canr access articles by george Schneider that are not 10 days old so are

Carl 123 4 years ago updated by shnadler1 4 years ago 5
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Can you please post the links to the articles you are referring to?

Ok well every article that includes the most recent when I click to read nothing happens but other authors I follow when I click to read the article appears as they should


In order to further assist you, please paste the link to the article here. 



I'm not sure how to do that on my cell phone  I will have to find somebody to  show me how  all I know is a lot of my authors that I follow  all of a sudden  when I tap the go on the article  it goes blank and then  it just comes up about the article again but I can't get to the article  and the articles are less than 10 days old

My issue is exactly the same as described above. Just got an email from Schneider and can't get to the article when I click "read now": screen flash, then white screen, then back to the email alert that I started from.