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How do I delete an account?

elimsimpson 5 years ago in Website updated by Noname5566 1 year ago 7

Accidentally opened a second account under another email, how can I delete it?

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If you email websupport@seekingalpha.com from the email of the account you wish to delete, they will deactivate it for you.

I submitted a request as stated above (using this account). Please reply when the account is deleted so I can delete it on my end. Thanks!

Account still hasn't been deleted. ETA?

That doesn't work. I get no response. Can you please delete my account????? Why is elimsimpson's account still not deleted after 1 year?

@Brent: They did delete my old account. Not sure why they haven't set this request as resolved.

I have a similar problem. Someone set up a fake account under my name I never created and has started to follow people as if it was me. I wish this false registration to be cancelled. I have already sent email to the mentioned email address, websupport@seekingalpha.com, submitted support tickets but I have not received any response and this false profile that does not belong to me but owned by another user, has not been deleted yet. I do not need an account I do not have access to. Please, help me and remove this user account because someone tries to impersonate me. I cannot delete this account as the person who created it in my name, provided an email address for registration being different from mine.