Portfolio upgrade for Premium subscribers

Out_on_a_limb 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Jacob Maltz 2 years ago 8

Please, allow subscribers to revert to the prior display. This is an easy option to implement.

You want to enhance the user experience, but everyone uses the portfolio in his own ways. In my case, I find important to see the percentage moves day by day. I can provide you with other ideas to make Portfolio a better tool, but you didn't ask for input before modifying this function.

In the present state, the portfolio can't be used as a consolidator of real portfolios, as it doesn't address the cash position for example (when one sells a line, the cash disappears from the table). Not to mention the bonds, mutual funds, or foreign stocks without a secondary market in the US. I am not asking for all of these to be implemented, but there could be a functionality to keep them in the cash portion to get a ballpark idea of annual performance.

Benchmarks would be useful, but they need to be customizable. Comparison graphs between stocks, or their sectors, or broader indices would be useful too. The goal would be to make your portfolio a must, so you would increase your subscription base.



The portfolio on one device does not update on other devices.  iPhone / iPad.

It would be nice to have them in sync.


Being able to see several portfolios on one page was very useful. 

Please put that back.

Under review

Hi Diamond Z,

Did you use "All Portfolios" for viewing stock prices or data together in one combined list? Or, did you use it for viewing all the headlines across your portfolios?


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha

Ha, you don't want to enable the old functionality. You've returned the real time changes in %. But then, you need to fix the edit function. It happens people buy and sell partially a line, which changes stock quantity and price. The new edit function doesn't let do this. If you go this way to correct, you'll get complaints real time, not a good way to proceed. So more to come for sure.


Did you mean the ability to add multiple holdings per ticker ?  We are adding this support very soon.  FYI: I also emailed you offline.


OK, found out one needs to click on the quantity in the holdings display to edit the line. Not very logical vs. prior functionality, but good enough. Please, could you show the portfolio % change in real time too?

Stock price change should appear on Holdings tab, too. I flip back and forth between Summary and Holdings, which means the present display is not ergonomic. The daily portfolio % change should be on the Holdings tab. In the previous version of portfolio, coming back to Portfolio, the last visualised tab was the default. This is logical, but in the present version, the tab is always Summary. Annoying.

Being able to see the days percentage gain in the Holdings tab was one of the most helpful tools for me. It was also very nice to see the daily gains at the bottom of the chart. Please bring these features back.