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what happened to listing focus or relate articles below my portfolio?

DG Ruralist 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 5 years ago 3

When I've viewed my portfolio in the past (Data option), I has also shown lists of related and focus articles below my portfolio.  Now it doesn't show anything.  Is anyone else having this issue?  FYI, I am using older web browsers.

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This section was removed. You can get the articles by going to the "Articles" tab (Focus) or "Latest" tab (Focus+Related).

Thank you for responding, Daniel.  Just an FYI: that was my preferred location for finding articles related to companies in my portfolio.  I know I'm only 1 person, but the "Latest" tab has too much info and has too large of font for me personally.  It takes forever to constantly scroll and wait to load.  (Okay, not forever, but it's a pain.)  My personal daily routine consisted of checking company news on my phone SA app, and later looking at a list of related/focus articles using the PC browser and reading them there.  I also enjoyed having the article list on the same page as my portfolio data (less clicks on the PC).

So I guess going forward, I'll probably be using the PC browser less.  This saddens me a bit, as the SA app doesn't show "related" articles and it can't sort my stocks by the various criteria.  I always enjoyed the "related" articles, as they get me to expand my knowledge past my current known stocks.

Sorry if that was too much feedback.  Cheers,


No such thing as too much feedback! Very helpful.