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Ability to save articles

StockMaven55 6 years ago updated by ewert 1 year ago 6

It would be great if there was a way to save a list of articles so I can go back later and read them at my conveince.

Under review


Thanks for the feedback. I'm curious to hear why browser bookmarks are not a sufficient solution to this?

If others also would also like to see this feature, please +1 this topic.


I would like to request the ability to save articles on the iPhone app. It would be a much more fluid experience in comparison to safari bookmarks. Maybe something similar to WSJ’s save icon at the bottom of their articles. 


Browser bookmarks?? Are you serious?  Can you imagine how unwieldy that would be to save dozens of articles in this fashion?

How about a simple solution where you have a "Favorite" button next to each article and if you like it you click on it and then when you log in you can just go to your "Favorites" to find your favorite articles?


Hi DanoB,

We actually added this feature recently. You can "Like" any article and then go to your profile and see all the articles you have liked.

You can also go to https://seekingalpha.com/account/history to see the articles you have read and then "Like" them. A similar unit was recently added to the homepage as well.



I agree 100% that it would be very useful to have a Favorite Articles folder or a MyArticles or Saved Articles folder

on the website, where you can store all articles that you find interesting for future reference, such as those with useful charts or stats or for example all articles by different authors on the same company with different views.

I agree 100% with the simple solution idea, where you have a "Favorite" button next to each article and if you like it, you click on it and then when you login you can just go to your "Favorites" to find your list of favorite articles.

I think that Browser bookmarks is not the same thing, it could become very messy, and with the above folder you can access them from any device and also if the url of some articles changes due to maintenance of the website.

At the same time, one thing is to like and upvote an article, whereas you want to reward the writer of it, another thing is to intend to save an article for the long term, so the two features are not interchangeable in my opinion.

I feel that this would be a very good addition to the website, just for an example the FT has a similar system.



as far as I understand the usp of seeking alpha are the many articles. It's difficult to understand why than the obvious inability of the users to organize the articles in a meaningful way is so neglected. 

I have to admit that I am not missing it very often, but sometimes there are nice general articles not belonging to a specific stock, where I would love to somehow bookmark it on my mobile device.

Also thankfully many articles are very long and going in depth it would be nice to be able to store them somehow for later reading.