Stop intrusive Chrome notifications and leave me alone!

IrritatedRecipient 3 years ago in Website updated by Russ Abbott 3 years ago 5

At some point, unfortunately, I read one of your articles. I now seriously regret doing this as I receive browser pop-up notifications in Chrome when you publish new articles. Why? I never asked for this. This is at best intrusive and annoying. I fear worse however as it seems you have no way of stopping these notifications. So, on top of being annoying and intrusive, there's also a level of either incompetence or arrogance on your part. 

I only joined this forum so that I can see if anyone here knows how to disable Seeking Alpha Chrome notifications (Chrome browser on Windows 10). Once we figure this out, please cancel my account. 


That's it? You're telling me how to use Chrome to disable your uninvited notifications? Why and how did Seeking Alpha enable these notifications in my browser? That's the issue that you should work on. Stop this intrusive functionality!


Hey, IrritatedRecipient,

I am not an employee of Seeking Alpha. I thought I would help. Big mistake. Good luck figuring out the solution on your own.

My apologies, David. Thanks, I was able to remove the notifications with your assistance. Would like to know how Seeking Alpha enabled them. 

I had the same problem--wanted to stop notifications--and didn't see a way to tell Seeking Alpha to stop sending them. I followed David's suggestion and told Chrome not to allow them. That's probably effective, but Seeking Alpha should offer a direct way to stop them.