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Scrolling Issue

Radeghast 4 years ago in Android App updated by John Troup 2 years ago 9

Is it just me but since I have had an update I am having issues scrolling through my portfolio it keeps resetting it to the top after like 1 second 

Happens to me too.

The app is unusable in this state.

I have already reported the issue but have not received any reply


is it always resetting or only first second till ads loaded?

thank you

It resets all the time the only thing I can do is scroll all the way down to the feeds at the bottom and then it doesn't do it. However as soon as I move back up to my portfolio it does it again

I should add I'm using an Android device and according to the about section of SA version 4.17.4(284)

Interestingly I just came on and it's not doing it now. Don't know what's changed.

Same here. Reset to the top all the time. 

Yes it's doing the same again today

Makes the app unusable.

...... same thing on my Macbook Pro