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ads are making the page jump all over the place the site is unsuable

anonymous 5 years ago in Website updated by TrevorHealSA 5 years ago 8

There are so many ads that keep refreshing, they jump all over the place so I cannot even read the page


Yes, this is REALLY, REALLY BAD!  I use Chrome.  I've never had this issue until the last few days.  I open an article and scroll down as I read.  Then the ad at the top (usually a video) moves the screen back to the top.  I can't scroll down for more than a split second before the ad pulls the page to the top again, making the page completely useless, except to watch the ad.  But even if I watch the ad, it keeps pulling the page back.  Similar on the bottom of pages when I'm reading the most recent comments and scroll up.  The ad at the bottom keeps pulling the page to the bottom, making the page completely useless, except to view the ad.

I know that SA is supported by ad revenue.  I have no problems with ads and ad supported sites.  But when they make the functionality that brought me to a page in the first place completely useless due to ads, I will simply stop using SA altogether, and the ads won't even get a glance from me.

After being a 4-year daily/hourly user of SA (and former Pro subscriber and contributor), I will move to another financial site as my primary if this ad pulling 'feature' doesn't end very soon.

Or I will install an ad-blocker, which I don't feel bad about when a site gets as bad as this new feature on SA.

Under review

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your report. The issues you are reporting are relatively new and ones we're taking very seriously. We agree that this is an unacceptable user experience and are doing everything we can to rectify the situation. 




The Commerce Bank/Oculus Rift ad is the main culprit on my end. It's been messing up the site for a few weeks. The same ad has appeared on other sites I've been to with similar results. Truly makes the site unusable. Constantly having to refresh a page hoping that ad doesn't regenerate.

Hello Mike,

Firstly, apologies that you are still seeing this issue. I would personally been extremely irked with that user experience as well. We were confident that we had resolved the issue, so I am disappointed to see it arise again. Can I ask whether it has been a consistent issue over the last few weeks or whether it stopped for a period of time? We work with a multitude of ad partners, who are on a very short leash with regards to ad quality, so if we find one that violates our ad quality policies (which this certainly does), we remove them immediately.

Thanks again for reporting this.

Trevor Heal

Any updates on this? The Commerce Bank ad is broken. Really, really, really broken. It forces you to the ad if you're commenting and there is no way to stop it unless you refresh the browser and hope you don't get the ad - which usually is 3-4 times before just giving up all together.

At this point I just leave the site b/c it's too frustrating to deal with.

For greater clarification, it's the one where they're dancing at a wedding, and then dancing doing a home repair, stuffing a mattress into a crammed hatchback, etc.

ads have made this site unusable!!!!!!!


Thank you for following up on this. My team have thus far been unable to replicate this issue and it has not shown up in any one of our three ad quality/anti malware tools. We will keep working towards finding any issues like this.

If you have any screenshots/video of this in action, I would be eternally grateful if you could send directly to me at trevor@seekingalpha.com

In addition, if you could also check in your browsing history if you have been to seekngalpha.com (seekingalpha without the i), as this is a malicious site that downloads adware and check your programs to see if there is an updates/programs that you do not recognize. Ads can be injected into pages through malicious browser plug ins without having any relationship to the website.

Just to confirm, unlike other free to use sites, we never allow any of our partners to run autoplay video ads on seekingalpha.com, so when we do find a partner who has breached our trust and rules we take hard action against them.

Thanks again and apologies that your user experience is being disrupted by ads. It personally pains me when this happens.

Trevor Heal

VP of Business Operations

Seeking Alpha