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cheddar tv

richin10 5 years ago updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 5 years ago 3

Is there any way to turn OFF cheddar tv in windows 10? I find it distracting.

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Hi richin 10,

First of all I want to make sure Cheddar isn't autoplaying with sound in Windows 10. Please confirm. And if it is, which browser are you on?

2nd, you can mouse over the cheddar window to see several controls including a pause button (see attached screenshot). This will freeze the video feed.


Thank you for your prompt response Mr. Liss.

I am using Microsoft Edge under the windows 10 platform (I was able to disable the adobe for this site on other platforms) and my problem is more than "Pausing the video" I suppose. Even if I pause the video, I believe it is still using my limited and valuable allocation of data.

Since I am not interested in the content at all ( I prefer to read) is there anyway to completely disable cheddar tv using Microsoft Edge under the Windows 10 operating system?

So once you pause the video feed it should no longer require any data. Why do you believe that even after pausing Cheddar it is still taking up data