Why does no one at the moderation team answer emails???

Robert 7809591 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

I have tried again and again to email moderation. What is the point of having an email address if no one answers??


And indeed, why don't they answer posts on this forum about moderation?

For all the bugs in the site, the way they handle moderation is much more frustrating.  I know it's a thankless and never ending job, but the current policy (if you can call it that) seems to be (in the lack of any formal proof) that anyone can report any comment, at any time, for any reason, and it will be deleted and it will count as a black mark against the writer.  Accumulate an unspecified number of black marks, and you'll be placed on a "moderator's approval required" list.  That status apparently is permanent, unless you repeatedly ask (by sending emails that are not replied to), and at some point you can get back to normal status (usually with a stern admonition about needing to follow the rules in the future, which is totally meaningless because the people reporting your posts were doing it out of spite or for nonsensical or totally random reasons).

Appealing to the higher levels of SA management will only get you into a deeper hole.  Actual suspension is the next step.  Even if you know that you did absolutely nothing wrong.

That's been my experience.  Please don't suspend me.  Again.


I sent an email to the founding editor which I don't expect an answer from. I assume that's what happened to me (unspecified number of black marks). One contributor had several of my comments deleted simply because I questioned his ability (experience in down markets)  due to his age (early 20's) and POOF I was in moderation. I cant believe my comments were even read by the moderators. If they were they would be so milquetoast and benign (you need more experience) that I cant imagine any normal reasonable person would find them offensive. That I cant get one response to a simple question (why was I put into moderation) says volumes about SA especially since I have done some research and found numerous complaints about anonymous contributors posting false stories to try and enrich themselves (long or short) and SA does nothing about that.  When I really thought about it, in the several years I have read articles on SA, there was not one that made me make an investment decision and not one comment that did likewise. I only liked the banter going back and forth about stocks and investment ideas. There are plenty of sites I can do that on besides SA. In the future I will do that and read SA articles less.