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spellalpha 4 years ago in Marketplace updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 4 years ago 3

When I use the search function to search for a particular word or character string within a chat window or chat session:

1.  How can I quickly navigate or jump from one search result to the next result (or previous result) without having to tediously scroll through all of the intermediate, unrelated verbage that may appear between the search results

2.  How can I limit the search so that I it only searches for a particular word or character string forward or backward from the current cursor location within the chat window?

If the above functionality is not currently available, would you please consider adding it?

Under review


1. Do you mean that you would prefer to see only a few lines from the relevant search result instead of the entire post?

2. Are you basically looking for the ability to limit the search by date?

Both of these are not currently possible, but they are great suggestions. In addition, we plan to add highlighting of the matching search term in the near future. 

Lastly, there is currently a bug which limits the search results by not allowing you to scroll down to load more. We are fixing this ASAP.




Thank you for following up regarding my previous post.

1.  No, I am not stating a preference to see only a few lines from the relevant search result instead of the entire post.  Suppose hypothetically, that the search result contains multiple instances of the text which was used as the search argument.  What I am suggesting/requesting is that seekingalpha provide a quick & easy way to tab forwards or backwards from the current highlighted instance to the next or previous instance (perhaps using the tab key) and that the displayed result scroll forward or backwards, as necessary in response.  If the entirety of the displayed search result cannot be displayed on a single screen, this would be very useful functionality to have.

2. With respect to your question regarding item 2, yes I am basically looking for the ability to search by date.




You can use the following commands before or after entering your search term:

from:me to search for messages only created by the current user.

from:user.name to search for messages created by a specific user. The username entered must be the format without spaces (i.e. "john.doe" and not "John Doe". If you want to search for anytime a user was mentioned, simply search for their username.

has:star returns messages that are starred by the current user.

is:pinned or has:pin returns messages that are pinned in the current channel.

has:url or has:link returns messages that contain a link.

before:dd/mm/yyyyafter:dd/mm/yyyy and on:dd/mm/yyyy return message that were created before, after or on the provided date. You can also use dashes dd-mm-yyyy or dots dd.mm.yyyy instead of slashes.

order:asc sorts messages by ascending timestamp. You can also use order:ascend or order:ascending

order:desc sorts messages by ascending timestamp. You can also use order:descend or order:descending.