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Number of shares in portfolio not same as web app

Richard McGirr 3 years ago in Android App updated by SA Jacob Maltz 2 years ago 7

I updated shares using web version, now some share counts are wrong on mobile app, and others have no shares at all.

share count on web version still correct.

problem has lasted a day


I have same problems on my android tablet and phone, everything works fine on my PC. I reinstalled both apps and restarted devices, it still shows wrong amount of shares and balances.

Awaiting Customer Reply

Emil, I updated your desktop portfolio to the new one and I don't see any duplicates.  please tell me which items appear incorrectly


I have exactly the same issues on my android phone for several weeks already. Website numbers are correct. Reinstalling didn't help. 

Remco, I updated your portfolio to the new version and removed the duplicates


I have exactly the same issues on my android phone too 


Hi Necessity, I also moved you to our new portfolio and I fixed up your duplicates

Under review

Hi Richard, I upgraded you to our new portfolio.  We had a problem with duplicates.  I fixed up your data, please check it on the site