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Change prices from USD to other currencies

StockMaven55 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 weeks ago 7

Please add the ability to change prices on the site from USD to other currencies.

Under review

Hi StockMaven55,

Where exactly on the site are you reffering to?


From another persons perspective, I am new to the site and I was looking to change the portfolio stock amounts to Canadian Dollars. It seems that it is in US $ and no option to change it anywhere.

Thanks, gwalt7


Hi gwalt,

We don’t currently offer the ability to change the currency portfolios are listed in but it’s an interesting suggestion for the future. 



I too have noticed this. It's not a huge issue but being in the UK it'd be nice to convert to GBP rather than convert it myself.

In lieu of the feature, it would be great to know how SA is actually doing the conversion into USD.  Is SA using an average exchange rate for the quarter, the last quoted price for the quarter...?