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Portfolios not in sync between app and web

johnponder 3 years ago in Website updated by chris sword 10 months ago 8

I have 5 portfolios.  Data from portfolios 1 & 2 show up in the android app but not on the web. Data from portfolio 3 shows up on the web but not in the app.  Portfolios 4 & 5 are in correct sync. An odd synchronization bug.  Have tried un-installing and re-installing android app, and using different browsers for the web, resetting cookies and cache, all to no avail.  


Similar for me. Changes made in the app don't appear on the website, and vice versa.

Awaiting Customer Reply

Thanks, we are looking into this issue.

Has this been fixed? Looks like it is still happening for me.

This started happening to me in the last couple of weeks so is not 4-6 month old problem. I see no recent responses on here, either.


Portfolios on the website do not sync with iOS app. 

Pls ensure fix is on the agenda in your next long overdue app update. Thks.

having this problem.  the portfolios have the correct stocks; however, the quantities and cost per share are not in sync.

Was there ever a resolution for this?  Just started experiencing this recently as well.

any solution already available? Also i cannot comment via android app, as it states that my registration is not finished.......