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cannot add stocks to portfolios 2

sabjilboy 5 years ago in Website updated by NV_GARY 5 years ago 6 1 duplicate

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You cannot have more than 400 tickers in your portfolio.

I have a few tickers less than 400 in my portfolio

I cannot add the stock symbol UNIT to my android phone. I can add it online but it does not show up on my phone.  I can add other stocks just not this one. Any ideas would be appreciated. I already uninstalled and reinstalled.

I am not able to add stocks to my portfolios and have less than 400


Are you seeing the same error as the original post? If not, can you please let us know where you are trying to add the tickers and what error message you see?



I cannot add on the portfolio page like I used to- there is no box to put a stock into to add. If I go to the SA page- on the left side it shows the portfolio and an add box- but the box is not functional in Safari or Chrome.  It should not be this difficult after using it for years.