Issue with Subscription

anonymous 5 years ago in Android App updated by Gitanjali Wadia 5 years ago 5

I had initiated a subscription using SeekingAlpha. The e-mail for the subscription seems to have been sent to an old e-mail id (which I do not have access to). Please resolve by moving subscription to new id or cancelling it.

Hi Dipak,

Thanks for the message. Could you please confirm both email addresses? Thanks,

The old e-mail address is dshetty@dstillery.com

My new e-mail address is dipshets@gmail.com

The issue occurred, while using the Android App. I had sent a note twice to the support team regarding the same.

Please do let me know how the issue is being resolved. I hope SeekingAlpha can help resolve the issue and I don't have to reach out to the credit card company to refute the transaction. 

Hi Dipak,

As we can only allow one active account per user, I have merged your accounts and have made your gmail address your single login for Seeking Alpha. Please log out using this link: http://seekingalpha.com/clean and log in again with your email dipshets@gmail.com and temporary password 1234. To change your password, please go here: https://seekingalpha.com/account/account_preferences

You should be able to see "Global Deep Value Stocks" on the top left corner of the homepage, and the emails alerts, henceforth, will also be sent to your gmail address. 

Let me know if you need further help.


Thank you so much. The issue is fixed. I can see Global Deep Value Stocks on the desktop, Is this not available through the app?

Hi Dipak,

Our mobile apps do not support our Marketplace services at the moment but you can access the service using the mobile web. Please go to seekingalpha.com and log in. Once logged in, please choose the "desktop version" (you will see a drop-down on the top left corner, where you can choose this version). Then, kindly go to Global Deep Value Stocks; there you can read all of the content that you would see on a desktop/laptop, including "live chat".