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Email format

anonymous 5 years ago updated by plympton 5 years ago 10

For the last week, the Seeking Alpha email format is screwed up. Instead of displaying the email fully across the page, it only displays 6 letters. It continues to display the entire email as 6 characters wide. (Using Firefox with Windows 10)

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Can you please post a screenshot here?

I will post a screen shot when I next receive a Seeking Alpha email...probably Tuesday.

This is also happening in my email which is an outlook/hotmail account. 

add me to the list---outlook/hotmail as well

This is happening to me as well. Using outlook web platform. Started about a month ago.


If someone can tell us the exact day this started happening, it would be very helpful.



I have them all archived but now when I go back they all appear in the messed up format.

Not sure if this helps but I found a work around: click reply to the email, discard the draft, then the email will load correctly.

Using Google Chrome on Windows 10

Until SA is able to fix it on their end, I have found a work-around that you might want to try. I forward it to myself and the forwarded message is readable. 

Back to normal today---thanks!