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Why do I have to pay twice for a subscription here if I also use the app (for ad-removal)?

Rotem Frank Ehrlich 3 years ago updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 3 years ago 3

I just noticed that the price for a subscription is different between here and on the Android app (for ad-removal). Does this mean that I have to pay twice if I want to use both?  

Under review

As these are 2 different properties we consider the 2 ad-free products 2 different products. We understand this is somewhat counterintuitive and are considering merging these products into a single product in the future. Apologies for the time being.

How can an app be be a different product than the company's website? ? first time I hear such a thing. 

This doesn't look good (and I am being very polite here)...    

I totally sympathize with your point of view. We haven't been able to put much development time or resources into our ad-free offerings to date. When we do pivot in this direction we will definitely be comining all of our current offerings into a single product.