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I'm drowning in email from SA and Unsubscribe all doesn't seem to be working.

Brian Burriss 4 years ago in Website updated by anonymous 4 years ago 6

I first tried unsubscribing one at a time but then I moved to unsubscribe all.  No luck still tons of email from SA.

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We don't see any records of recent emails being sent to the address with which you posted this message. Perhaps you have another email addresses registered to get emails?

I wish you were correct.  Here is a list of the ones I received today, so far:

Valuation Insights On General Electric 
SA Breaking News Team
SA Dividends & Income
SA Stock Ideas Daily
Pre-market summary on your portfolio
Pre-market summary on your portfolio
Pre-market summary on your portfolio
Wall Street Breakfast: U.S. Revs Up Auto Import Probe
GE's Share Slide - A Buying Opportunity 
General Electric: Market Gyrations Continue 

Correction, when I would click inside the email to unsubscribe, the SA page would launch to the unsubscribe page.  I would click it and later wonder why it didn't work.  Turns out, I was automatically logging into a different account.  Still seems like a bit of a bug but my problem is solved.


You are not the only one...darn it!  I also unsubscribed but I’m still receiving  the (so called) ‘Service Teams’ e-mails.

From what I’ve experienced Seeking Alpha’s solutions to the problem is to assure  subscribers that they aren’t alone.....wow, I feel better now.

Too bad, this was my favorite financial site......I’m a patient man who intends to contact Apple and request the App be removed due to un-reliability!

I wish you luck!


Re: Emails: Can you describe a bit more what you mean by "Service Teams" emails. As far as I recall, we don't have any such emails.

Re: App un-reliability: I believe there were some issues with the latest release, but the problems should be rectified by uninstalling and then re-installing the app.

Did all that.....didn’t  work. I’ve come to understand your role as an administrator is to foreword e-mails other subscribers with ‘issues’!

I’ve come to understand what your role is now.  I’m curious; are your Service Team/Programmers doing anything other than relying upon you to simply provide a complaint ‘forwarding service’ without any real solutions that resolve the 100’s (or more) of complaints. 🤬🤬🤬🤬