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Chat not working

tacguy 3 years ago in Marketplace updated by ky2chan 2 years ago 4

in marketplace chat, the chat function for my subscribed service (nail tech) regularly, intermittently fails. Since time is money and buy/sell alerts go out over chat, what are you doing to guarantee paid subscribers a level of quality service? When can we expect a fix? (I'm assuming chats for all your marketplace vendors experience this)

Under review

Tacguy, we are working hard between our Marketplace team, our DevOps team, and our chat provider (Rocket Chat) to figure out what has caused the bad performance in the past few weeks. Right now, that means trying to solve the proximate cause that sends performance out of wack, but given the challenge we've had in doing that we are also looking at whether we need to change how we host the chat or our chat software. I know the results have not shown up yet, but we are doing everything we can to get this right, and I hope and expect you'll see an improvement before long.

Thanks for your support and question, and let us know how else we can help.


chat is not working for me either, since yesterday. 

As of Sunday, May 10, chat room once again off-line. Why do we not have a better option for chatting considering the amount of money we pay to belong to this website and follow your content providers?


When will it back?