Thank you for rapidly responding :-)

BaitBoy 4 years ago in Android App updated by EFLrainman110 4 years ago 11

Thank you for rapidly responding to many of us and so rapidly ( in my case, at least) fixing the constant refresh and page reset issue. Did I say thank you, yet? Thank you for correcting that. I appreciate it very much.

I feel foolish. Thanks

Please stop sending messages. That looks like acct or CC #2018071410000089 I'm not sending for you. 

I don’t know do you? That question you just posed appear to me directly under my authors page. How did you know that I submitted an article? How did it appear there? Sounds threatening? Then the space for me to answer was over covered. Wouldn’t you agree that’s odd? 

what do you want? Already screwed me over

Imagine somebody following blue lights, opening emails and sending them. People would think him crazy. Thanks

Please stop. Please! How can you send messages like these? Not possible. Pictures! 

Good morning, surprising to see messages this morning! Imagine what editors must think.

I was on early Sat. but I don’t know you to my knowledge. What are you so appreciative for if I might ask. The computer kept leading me to and then zooming in on an author, SA editors choice. I thought that was very curious. Now you are so very appreciative about something I’ve done for you. How do you know? What happened? 

Do you know the folks from Rocket Chat? Why would I get a message from them now? What do you want ?

What do you want? I don’t know you? I’m nobody, never heard of you. Why?  You care to answer. Do you have access to my personal info? Credit Card?