Wall Strret Breakfast

anonymous 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 7

The "Wall Street Breakfast" newsletter I get daily has its print compressed into the left one inch of my screen, making it a pain / difficult to read.  Just my computer, or a general problem (doesn't happen on any other e-mails I receive)?

Under review

Do you happen to be reading Wall Street Breakfast on outlook?

Yes, on Outlook Mail.  Problem only recently arose; any fix would be appreciated.

P.S.  This doesn't happen with anything else I receive from Seeking Alpha  .....

Thanks for confirming that the issues are indeed on Outlook. This is happening because of recent changes made by Outlook. We're working on a fix.

Until SA is able to fix it on their end, I have found a work-around that you might want to try. I forward it to myself and the forwarded message is readable. 



This should no be fixed. Let us know with today's Wall Street Breakfast.

Looks great; thanks for fixing!