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How and where are you searching?


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha

Hi Daniel,


For example, there have been 100 articles and comments on MYOV over a period of one year. But when I enter MYOV in search all I get is less than two weeks of comments!

It massively reduces the value of the bog.




Thanks for the message. Search does need to improve, and we appreciate your feedback. One bug for example is that threaded replies show up blank. I believe we will have this fixed relatively soon, though I'm not 100% sure about timing.

For this issue, could you try scrolling to the bottom of the search window once you get those two weeks? I believe the way it works is that it pulls the most recent comments first, but then if you scroll to the bottom of the search box, you get a new batch of results. I just tried and got back into late December with a few re-scrolls (MYOV is evidently a popular topic on ROTY!).

You will see some blank messages from the threading issue I mentioned, but you should be able to pull most of the messages this way.

Please let us know whether this works.


No, Daniel, it doesn't work. I have tried everything, scrolling down, waiting, trying to eliminate the blanks, literally everything. Would you please get your IT guys/gals onto this? Thanks, Strike.

What browser are you using? And how are you connecting to the chat - phone or computer, mobile app or browser or desktop app?