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How do I import portfolios from other financial institutions? What document formats are you compatible with?

geercom 2 years ago in Website updated by Allison Proffitt 1 month ago 14

Where and how in Seeking Alpha do I import my portfolios from my other financial institutions? What document formats are you compatible with for that?

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The best way to do this is to simply copy paste the list of tickers (with spaces or commas in between the tickers).


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha


Manually entering tickers is unacceptable.  We are asking for a CSV import.  Please make this happen.

I will not be renewing or recommending my premium subscription if the site is not better updated.


I would recommend an excel tool of some sort to help pull in portfolios. It will help increase engagement on your platform. I follow a lot of companies and just the fact that I need to do this manually stops me.


same here.  I simple import from an excel file, in the same format as your download, export button would be appreciated.



yes Wen thé list for portfolio are All on Well You cant extract thé Excel sheet portfolio liste by portfolio liste and its and thé same  for computer 


Does it really take a year to provide such a simple feature?


this is amazingly bad. now for some reasons the link with my broker does not work anymore, and I have to type in 60 symbols one by one. COME ON GUYS, IT'S 2021


Please add CSV import.



seriously?? No CSV import? I was considering getting a premium subscription but will not do if this is missing.