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ads dragging screen up

OlderThanDirtDave 4 years ago in Website updated 4 years ago 7

Some new ads are continuously dragging the screen back to the top making it impossible to read the articles.  This must be fixed as it is making it pointless to visit your site.  For reference I'm just using a powerful tower computer and regular Microsoft software and have not had this problem before today, neither am I having it on any other website.



Under review


Thanks for reporting this very frustrating issue!

This ad obviously needs to be blocked from appearing on our site. So we can identify it, can you please take a screen shot of the offending unit when you next see it and send it along and we'll get it sorted.

Thanks and our sincerest apologies.

Jardiance ad interfering with same as David reported. Sound annoying. Don't need to listen to ad when trying to read.

Our ads should never have sound. We are very eager to block this unit from ever appearing on SA but are having trouble locating it. If someone could please screen cap the offending unit and post the link here we'll make sure to block it.


Seems to be the ad in the black bar in the upper left corner..

Haven't had the problem today so whatever you did, thanks!


Thank you for the screenshot and apologies that you had this experience.

We are pretty confident that we have found the offending partner and we have severed all ties with them. In addition, we recently invested in additional technology to help us seek and destroy any offending ads as quickly as possible.

It is always our goal to create as optimum a user experience as possible and we are constantly working to improve the whole experience for our users across all of our platforms.

Thanks again and please reach out if you have any further issues.

Trevor Heal

VP of Business Operations - Seeking Alpha

Thanks, you have an excellent website and I find it has become my first choice for investing news/analysis so I appreciate being able to continue using it.