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how do i follow an author when there is no "follow" tab to click?

warfwater 3 years ago in Website updated by KeepAtIt 2 years ago 4

This is just a guess, but....

--If you're looking on a ChromeBook or tablet (maybe phone) the "Follow" tab doesn't show up - maybe related to the Chrome operating system for those devices.

   Go to a PC, get into "Seeking Alpha" for the same article/author, and you should see the "Follow" tab.

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Hi student_, Could you please post a screenshot where the follow button doesn't appear ?  I wonder if some plug-in is blocking it.

Hi SA,  

This is a screenshot of a typical SA posted article on a ChromeBook (no "Follow" tab visible).  On a PC however, the "Follow" tab is present.


Thank you, Student_ !!!  

Comments and screenshot from Student_ are correct. 

HOWEVER, the reason for SA's question in the first place is because he started by searching the Knowledge Base for something like, "how unfollow author I'm following" and the Knowledge Base instructs him:

     To edit the users & authors you are following:

     1. Click your picture at the top right of the screen

     2. Select "Profile"

     3. Click on the "Following" tab

     4. Hover over any user's "Follow" button and click "Unfollow" to stop following that user.

BUT as SA told us, there is no "Following" tab in the "Profile".