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Hovering Ticker information: Reader doesn't see Ticker info when hovering over stock name in Headline of Article

allisondbl 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 1

As noted, the way your articles work, right below the headline is the date, Comment line, likes and ABOUT with company name/ticker. It is EXTREMELY VALUABLE to be able to hover the mouse over the ticker(s) and see your great page about the company. Where the company NAME as well as ticker is displayed, i.e. the main company in the article, this no longer occurs where it always did. The hovering usually does work for the "Includes" tickers. 

Second note: when there is a string of tickers after includes, one has NEVER been able to hover over the ellipsis and get to all the tickers. This would be EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks guys!  ADBL

Under review

Thank you for your feedback. We plan to fix this when we revamp our article pages later this year.


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha