I am logged IN but being told my email is not registered so I cannot reply to comments made to me

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This has happened to me before on this exact account where I contacted support over it several times. They at first could not see an issue. They kept telling me to log in but I was already logged in. They told me to delete and re-install the app. I did but I still had the same error. It started when I went from my email link to SeekingAlpha as I was given the link to comments made to me. The link was given to me to bring me directly to the comments. From that point forward, my SeekingAlpha account was logged in but getting the messages that my email was not registered. Nothing worked for several weeks to the point I stopped using the site completely and transferred my info into another tracking site to keep up with my stock preferences. I didn't WANT to do that as I share a lot of SeekingAlpha content with my friends and family but considered no other options available. Finally, several weeks later, to me, out of the blue, support finally messaged me good news telling me that they had "fixed my account" and I should have no further issues. 

Until today, this morning. I got more emails saying I had comments. I went through the email to read them but instead of responding, I closed it and went to find the answers to the question asked of me. When I found it, I used my app to answer the other sunscriber of SeekingAlpha to get the other message that I needed to register my email before I can respond to any comments. I checked the app to make sure it did not say "Sign in" or "Log in" and it didn't. It had my profile logged in like I expected. I KNOW when I contact support what the next 3 steps will be and I did them already.. No changes.. What would YOU do? Would you just delete your account with this happening too often? It is a MAJOR pain in the ass to try to keep good communication up within the community here when I am "blocked" accidentally or not. My time is valuable too and it may be better spent at a place that does not seem to continuously kick my email out of their system. I guess I can find an alternative sourcr of info and data if need be but my last interaction with SeekingAlpha support was so "disenchanting" to say the least that it makes me think of all the time I will waste before I can get a proper resolution to this. I am surr that time at another site gaining the same info and building my community trust there will work and not make it look like I am ignoring them and lying about the time frame I said I would respond in. Last time it took weeks. I told them a few hours and I would tell them their answer. I will have "egg on my face" and lose the credibility that I have earned and built up so far by this. This is very very important in my new line of work. Credibility is the basis of my business. 

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I have exactly the same problem: logged in, flag us saying ”500 notifications” but when I want to read them I’m told ”error user logged out”. How very frustrating.