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Stock price not populating in iPad app...new iPhone app update looks & works fine.

The Elder Investor 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by anonymous 2 years ago 8 19 duplicates

iPad app shows price change in dollars then percentage, with no actual stock price for each stock in portfolio. Updated iPhone app looks to be working fine.

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Using iPad Air 2 with iOS 11.3.1

The new update version 3.8.2 did not fix this issue on the iPad.

Identified another problem. Under Notifications -> when you press a news article, the last dot point, the sentence gets cut off. iPhone does not have this issue.

See the photo:



Under review

Thank you for your message and I apologize for the inconvenience. We are working on a fix for iPad.


still not showing stock prices on iPad.  

see screenshot.   Not showing the current price

iPhone 7 - latest software. Stock prices are not being updated

v3.8.8 seems to have corrected this issue at least for me