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Seeking Alpha's Must Reads emails: can't scroll down in Apple Mail on MacBook Pro.

LAD43 3 years ago updated by viaCO 2 years ago 7
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Thanks for the feedback. I scroll fine with Apple Mail on my MacBook Air. Can you please attach a screenshot of what you are experiencing? Thanks 

Amitai. Attached is Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 7.55.44 AM.png . I added the vertical scroll bar from Mac preferences and that works. I am unable to scroll up and down using two fingers on my MacBook Pro trackpad as I am able to do with all other emails. No big deal but am curious as to why this is happening. Scrolling works fine for your emails on iPhone, iPad and in Gmail in browser on Mac. Thank you. Lewis

Amitai. I just experienced the same problem with an email from a different sender so it is not limited to SA emails. Sorry to have troubled you. Lewis

You are not alone - Must-read emails or Wall Street Breakfast are the ONLY emails I receive that will NOT scroll using Mac's mouse 2-finger scroll.  Yes, I can use the scroll slider and I realize this sounds like a nit - but it is annoying.  Requires me to stop reading so I can find the scroll slider.  There is something odd about the tool Seeking alpha uses to generate those emails.

Well now it's worse . . .  

Wall Street Breakfast: The Week Ahead this email ONLY today shows with no scrolling enabled.  No way to see the whole email.  Again - these Week ahead, Must read, and Wall Street Breakfast are the ONLY emails I get from anywhere that have this problem.  I'm going to try to attach a screen shot from today.  Notice NO vertical scroll bar visible.   

No change - The week ahead - same problem today

Anyone home???   Okay - I am running Catalina and Mac Mail on a recent iMac - all the latest versions.  The worst email from Seeking Alpha is "The Week Ahead" - see the screen shot below.  Notice no scroll bar on the right???   The only way for me to read this email is to go to gmail.com on Safari where it will scroll.  No emails from ANY other source do this.  I cannot imagine what you guys are doing to make this happen.