Authors I follow section has disappeared from mainpage

Tex Brisket 5 years ago in Website updated by IgnisFatuus 5 years ago 9
Under review


Please close your browser completely and then try again. Do you still see the issue? If so, what browser are you running?

I am missing the same section as Tex Brisket. I an running the Windows Edge browser. I have tried logging out of the site , rebooting then logging back in and the section is still missing.

Same problem for several days.  Running Windows 10. Have closed browser several times during this period of time. 

Same problem.  I turn my machine off every day and log back on.  It's and older Windows - 8?   For 2-3 days now...

Wow!  Okay, I guess I just had to give you some feedback to get this fixed!  (Just kidding!  But it IS back on again now.  Thanks!


Hi All,

This should now be fixed. Please let us know.

Tried using IE11 in Windows 10 and problem still exists as before.

Fixed.  Thanks.