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"Latest" portfolio feed on desktop no longer includes "Press Releases"

424270 11 months ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 11 months ago 1

Header says it all. A few days ago Press Releases disappeared from Latest on desktop (Android app is OK). If this is a bug then would you please fix it. If this is an "improvement" then please stop solving a problem that does not exist. There needs to be a single feed (name it anything that you like) that includes EVERYTHING new but only on PORTFOLIO positions. I don't want to see there anything unrelated (like articles from the authors that I follow which you tried to put in that feed some time ago), and please do not filter it by info type (there are already separate tabs for that). Thank you.

Under review


Our new portfolio breaks out "Press Releases" into its own tab:


The reason we chose not to include it in the "Latest" tab is because the headlines oftentimes repeat Seeking Alpha's own news headlines. We had many users complain about this. On the other hand, there are press releases which we do not cover and may be of interest, so we will monitor user feedback about this and consider adding press releases to the "Latest" tab if we receive more feedback like yours.


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha