New app sucks

dhturk 2 years ago in iPad updated by Deep Value 101 2 years ago 5

Not user friendly.


Completely agree. I get that maybe the appeal was to make it more like the website but I loved the app UI so much. It was my favorite news app. Now it’s much much slower not user friendly, like you said. 

If the goal was to add functionality, then just add it? And just remove the notifications tab if it wasn’t needed. 

Broke what wasn’t broken. 


this new version is baaaad! 
Sad when money is spend on such a non friendly downgrade.

Needs landscape mode for ipad to read articles. Need to be able to expand display with fingers. Need to be able to increase text size in ipad settings. Currently articles are too small to read on ipad. Prefer to revert to old version until fixed.


When will this be ;corrected?


I can’t clear my notifications, therefore I have to scroll through a bunch of stuff I’ve already seen. 
It’s the worst upgrade I’ve seen. I will either get rid of it or ignore the app.