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Cannot add tickers in my existing portfolios

george_giannak 4 years ago in Android App updated 3 years ago 6


I try to add stock tickers in my portfolios and cannot. I have also tried though the app on the mobile device and through my PC. IT will not add stocks. I can though create new portfolios but again not able to add tickers.

You'll probably get the same useless reply I did from SA expert himself, telling me if all Portfolios add up to over 400 symbols, you can't add any.  Then, when I post back, clearly stating that all my Portfolios don't even add up to 150 symbols, he just can't understand plain English, and asks me to clarify if I have 400 or less in all Porfolios together.  So, why bother to ask for help, and have to do so through a Forum, as SA treats its members like dogs that have to come through the back door to beg for table scraps.

And those answers were from SA Admin, Daniel Hochman, who I just discovered you cannot directly contact.  Nor can I find my Forum thread!

Under review

Hi George,

This is an odd bug - I'm having some trouble replicating it. Please try logging out and back in on a desktop device and adding tickers. If you're still having issues please send along the browser and OS version you're on so we can try and replicate the issues here. 

Tradestar, same for you please. We'd like to get this issue resolved for you guys.


Jonathan Liss

Ok will check on desktop.

I am using Google Chrome and Windows 64 bit

The problem still exists... I cannot add any ticker in app or PC