Receipts for Sifting the World

Cooper's Caveman 5 years ago in Website updated 5 years ago 3

Who do i contact at SA to see my receipts for Sifting the World?
The billing I see cuts off at June. I need copies of the receipts to be reimbursed from work. Thanks.

Hi, we will respond to you via email, shortly. Thanks,

Hi, we tried to reach you by email but the delivery failed. To access the monthly statements, please go to your accounts settings page here: https://seekingalpha.com/account/subscriptions_settings and then click on the "Full Details" button. You'd be able to see the links to your monthly statements there. To save the document in the pdf format, you can use Ctrl + P, and then save the file as a pdf document. Thanks,

Seeking Alpha Customer Service – 

I still don’t have access to the billing receipts for my subscription to Seeking the World since June 28, 2017. I need access to them for reimbursement from my employer. I know how to look up the “full details” of my billing. The problem is that the last full detail that I can see on the website by following your instructions stops in June. That would be great if Sifting the World had stopped billing me in June, but that is not the case. If this problem is not resolved soon I am going to have to cancel my subscription.