Why is Seeking Alpha permitting article writers to delete comments?

manpower 2 years ago updated by JonathanSeagull 5 months ago 4

It seems like a moderator, someone other than the author, should decide which comments to delete. I can understand deleting comments that are un-necessarily disrespectful etc., but some authors delete comments which provide legitimate counter-arguments, or question their methods, etc.


I did not know that authors had this option. I raised some concerns about an author who doesn't have any skin in the game, and they told me point blank to get lost.


Blinding flash of the obvious - several SA authors (the name "Rida Morwa" comes quickly to mind) are selling you a sack of half-truths (and, sometimes, outright lies.) Find a better service, and give THEM your money, time, and attention. Or expect more of the same. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

"Think of it as evolution in action."


a guy named Avi Gilburt is another notorious one who aggressively deletes all challenging comments.