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Back button?

kruthy 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Maya Natan 3 years ago 4

Is there not a BACK button on the new iOS app? I love the new app, but my inability (possibly due to my own stupidity) to simply go BACK a screen is maddening. Thanks.

Under review

You can swipe the screen right or left to go back and forth, and you should also see a back button on the top-left when navigating deeper to read articles or visit symbol pages. 

swiping does *not* work and i see no back button.

this is what i think is the beta iOS version

maybe i am missing this and its a ME problem but it should be more obvious

okay I did get swiping to work starting further left. Still cant see a back button


Make sure you are using the latest version. You can delete the app and reinstall from the AppStore.