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Where are the stock prices in my portfolio after upgrade?

marriottmare 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by Mary Cavanagh 3 years ago 6
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To toggle the % and $ change - tap the red/green box. 

ks.karen.ks less than 1 minute ago

You keep giving the same answer- no one is talking about the percentage IN the box, pre and post market prices are BELOW or BENEATH THE BOX AND CANT BE TOGGLED. They are STUCK ON PERCENTAGE WHEN THEY USED YO DISPLAY DOLLAR AMOUNT. The PRE AND POST market percentage is useless for pre and post market trading unless you use a calculator for each one! This is NOT INSIDE the red and green box- it is beneath the red and green boxes!

Sorry for that. We know about the premarket issue with the toggle. It is being fixed and will be live on the next version.

Karen is correct.  There is no current stock prices showing or any pre/post market close changes in stock prices, since the upgraded, help..missing info., and will leave S. alpha, unless fixed ASAP!

What device are you on?

iPad, used to work fine b4 very recent so called upgrade!