I had one incident with a poster a long time ago. Is it really necessary for every single one of my posts to be reviewed by a moderator?

theheckwithtech 4 years ago updated by Baby Draw 3 years ago 4

Can you please allow me to post without every single post having to be viewed by a moderator. I think it's totally unnecessary based on a disagreement with one poster a long time ago.

Same here, I disagreed with being put on moderation to begin with and I've been doing nothing but posting reasonable comments the whole time, how do I get out of the doghouse?

same here....I was put on moderation because I provided too much consistent information that was contrary to what the author of the article was arguing.  it's totally insane, as I was posting about a company that is highly promotional, and I'm the one that gets blocked?

Same here, SA's moderation seems arbitrary and indecipherable...  They don't tell you what's acceptable or not, or why something gets posted or not. 

Hey, these guys are the thought police.   The are clearly understaffed to read and "clear" posts.    Their "post police" is a joke.   They allow authors to post political crap if they post to their stock talk but vet posts on stock talks.     Makes no sense and they are over the top with their mind control.