Entering multiple stock lots of the same Symbol

PawShen52 9 months ago updated by Jake with Me 5 months ago 2

I'm sure there must be a way to enter many lots of the same security, but I must be too ignorant to figure it out.

I click on "add lot" and it enters the info in a whole new line.  Surely there is a way to keep all lots of the same security within one line until expanded.   "Is it just me?"

No, not just you. I'm a recent new subscriber and am dismayed that, after entering my stock lots, the only view I have is one line per lot. No summary, no average cost, just a bunch of detail lines. No forest. just trees.

Would like a feature (button on each row or at top of table for entire portfolio) to expand or collapse a security with multiple lots.  Sometimes I want to see the forest (e.g. average cost across lots) and sometimes I want to see the individual trees (per-lot cost, change, ageing).  If you add a column for "Number of lots" then clicking on that # could expand the lot details rows.