Website Issues on Latest Version of Firefox

SA Admin Jonathan Liss 4 years ago in Website updated 4 years ago 6

The latest version of Firefox (56) is causing some fairly significant issues on the SA desktop website. The resolution of these issues is somewhat out of our hands so if you're an SA regular you should strongly consider holding off on upgrading to version 56 until a fix is in place.

I use Firefox 56.0.1 64 bit and see zero issues and I am on SA quite a bit.

Sorry, forgot to post here yesterday. We deployed a fix which should resolve the issues related to FF 56. 


After I upgraded Firefox, my user login to SA doesn't work anymore -- very frustrating!

... can't get past page 1 of articles until it is fixed

Hi Marion,

Which OS and version of FF are you on? Also, can you please try logging in on a different browser? I want to understand if the issue is FF-specific or specific to your login.


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