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I see that "My Feed" is not coming up / displaying this morning. What's up?

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Sorry for the inconvenience. This can still be seen here: https://seekingalpha.com/account/my-feed 

In a day or so, this page will be upgraded to an enhanced "People I Follow" experience. Stay tuned!


Yes, the new "People I Follow" page has now been released. It's an upgraded version of the old "My Feed". You can now see all the activity from all the people you follow.

Happy to hear any feedback!


I liked the old "my feed" version.  This one is annoying to me and makes me want to unfollow a lot of people to avoid getting so much text.  Since the "Latest" and "Comments" tabs have identical info, can someone make the "Latest" tab look like it did before and then the "Comments" tab is there to allow you to go read the person's full comment if you want to do that?  It would be a big improvement IMO.

On the positive side, I do like the "Articles" and "Blogs" tabs a lot. 


Hi CharReg,

That's a great suggestion and actually one we are seriously considering. 



I don't follow anyone, so how do I access "My Feed" under the so called improvement?


If you don't follow anyone, what were you seeing on "My Feed"?


When I clicked on My Feed in the upper right it showed all my comments, with the latest one on top.  This way I could click on the ones I wanted to check for comments since I last posted there.  If this is how it is going to work from this point on, I'm done here.  Why should I start following people just to be able to find my previous comments.  Do you people know how the system really works before you go changing it supposedly for the better?


You can see a list of all your comments here:

You also get notified about new comments in your alerts icon:

Even if you are not following a specific person, you may be following a specific article or a specific subject where you have posted remarks or wish to follow the remarks, not the people who make them.


My-feed is now gone, how do we post anymore?


There is a box at the top of https://seekingalpha.com/account/people where you can post a StockTalk. This page is now available by clicking "People" on the main navigation menu.

I don't see that box. AFAICT, there is no longer ANY way for me to post a new Stock Talk, other than to merely comment on existing stock talks.

The only way I can find to see my stock talks is from the Stock Talks link on my profile page, but there is no box to post a new stock talk.

It would be nice if Stock Talks was available from the drop down menu under my picture in the upper right.


How hard can it be for the MY FEED link to be back where it was before the "improvement" ?

Hi rjm22,

We'd love to hear more about what you miss from the old "My Feed" and how we can improve the new experience.




I miss everything about the former "my feed" on Android. It allowed me to select what type of articles I wanted to see, so I would have "editor's picks", etf ideas, top news, etc all in one feed. Now when I go to "my feed" it is just a blank page that says "look here for the authors you follow", which would be entirely redundant with the "my authors" section right beside it - if it actually worked!! Instead "my feed" stays blank as I've described above, even though I follow several authors. It's been broken like this since you made this website change last year. Except for about a week this month when it mysteriously worked with the old behavior. 

The old "my feed" options are still there. It's ridiculous that this is still broken a year later. What was the purpose of this change? My Authors already does this *exact thing*, so by moving this functionality to My Feed you're just taking away a useful feature... even if this worked properly! And it doesn't even work properly! 

To be clear, I mean under the far right side of the page where my feed used to be.

the exact same thing happened to me as well.

what is this? a joke?

That link doesn't work.



Please add me to the list of people who will be leaving Seeking Alpha if you don't fix this problem ASAP.

You guys are welcome to add new features, but DO NOT *remove* existing features without some significant notice and discussion.

For reference, here's the link I usually use to view and add my stock talks and view responses to them:


It no longer works.

I'll check back later this afternoon to see if you've fixed the problem. If not, I'll give you guys one last chance in a week, but after that, I'll be out of here.

I'm really sorry, disappointed, and offended that you don't value my time more highly.

But, hey, that's life. No point in me hanging out where I'm not valued.

-- Jack Krupansky

How come you deleted the My Feed option since obviously it was valued by some of your most prolific writers? Any reason?


Just realized "My Feed" was gone, and found this.  Followed the link to "people"; do not like it as well.  There are members I follow so I can be alerted to their new articles, but I do not want to spend time reading all the comments they make. 

Under the old format, it was easier for me to "coast" over the items I am not interested in.  This new format makes me weed through items of no interest to me.  Less focused, more time consuming.

Was the intent here to "pull eyeballs" into more threads?  If so, you can see that annoyance is the flip-side of engagement.

I must agree with the previous comments on the replacement of My Feed with People I Follow.  Posting the entire comment is too much, I have stopped using this feature since the change.  Please bring back the old My Feed format.

Hi All,

Thanks so much for all the feedback. A few clarifications & updates:

1. There is a box at the top of the "People I Follow" page which allows you to write a StockTalk. It's available on the "Latest" tab as well as the "StockTalks" tab

If you are not following anyone, simply click the Follow button next to one person on Seeking Alpha and this page will load. 

2. If you don't want to see comments and only want to see Articles or StockTalks, you can click on the "Articles" or "Stocktalks" tabs to filter the feed by those content types.

3. Based on feedback, we are going to make a change whereby comments will be truncated on the "Latest" tab.

That works, what a work around just to get the StockTalk box to appear...