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How to contact Seeking Alpha. I'm no longer able to sign in.

anonymous 2 years ago in Website updated by RuiAmendoeira 2 years ago 6

How to contact Seeking Alpha. I'm no longer able to sign in with my email/password. I purchased a 1 year subscription Value Investors Edge through Seeking Alpha, don't know if that makes me a premium customer? 


If you go to the log-in popup box, there's a button bottom right to SEND YOU a Login Link to your Email address.

If you then click on that link in the email you get then you go right back into SA "all logged in".

The problem SA have is they do not have a RESET password option when you forgotten/lost your password.

I cant login there is no login window

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You should see a sign in link in the upper right corner, what happens when you click it ?

I finally understood what caused the problem. The support service changed my password and sended me an email but it took a while for me to notice that email. Normal I couldn't sign in with my old password!

But things are ok now. Thanks.

Thanks, the problem more or less has been fixed. 

I have subscribed the Premium service but do not know how to log in. What do I do???